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thank you for this reflection

half a year ago i had to make a heavy choice and to let out my feelings on it i wrote a poem trying to figure out the cost of the change. i copy the poem below :)


a blind non-zero sum game

an equation

with a blurry left behind side

with high probability of internal division

change is not a problem to solve

but to live and prepare for

in calculated ways

(mathematics of change / raluca)


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β€œWhat am I holding on to – a person, place, object, emotions, memories – out of loyalty to a prior decision that doesn’t align to my current self today.” β€” Thanks for this journal prompt. Enjoyed listening to this.

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Thank you for pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and making this podcast. It was so meaningful and peaceful. As if I needed it right now.

Also, I love your write-ups. Sometimes I feel the only person who can comfort me are your words.

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Thank you for doing this, Nicole! Even though your storytelling style is lighter on anecdotes than other folks I listen to, I always find myself relating deeply to your writings. Looking forward to your next podcast episode!

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Thanks for sharing this! I loved how you put a topic and phrase that so many of us are familiar with and anchored to pretty relatable topics that we've all experienced in our lives at least once.

Reflecting on the cost itself, it feels almost like trying to rationalize a change in a really logical way. Perhaps I'm someone who has often made a lot of decisions on my gut alone; my emotions often drive me to make a decision because it feels harder to know what potential outcomes would be. So definitely appreciate the framework of "is the change worth it?" Guess it's really up to us to define what "worth it" means as well.

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