I did my masters in integral psychology at CIIS and although it blends east-west thinking it leans heavily on the heart/body not the mind. It was good for me - intellectualism my most usual defense - but it meant I spent those years devaluing the head and now I find that it’s true for me that head-heavy works too as long as I acknowledge that’s where my leaning is and actively remember to Incorporate heart and body ❤️

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Wow, this was so good Nicole. As always. I've read a ton of your writing and you always impress me with how personal and observant and reflective you are.

Awesome work :)

Also, only if it strikes your interest, I've been writing a newsletter for 2 years. I published an edition on part of the human condition to want to be somewhere we're not I think you might enjoy :) https://thomasdixon.substack.com/p/saturday-mornings-december-3-2022

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Since you’re reading Jhumpa Lahiri I’d highly recommend The Namesake, truly one of the best novels I’ve ever read.

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“Life is seasonal...” That sentence really struck me. Beautiful stuff.

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Hey Nicole! I love your choice of the cover image! Looks great and I’ll be in the Nordic countries this summer as well

I write a curation-based travel postcard: https://open.substack.com/pub/leoariel/p/leos-lemonade-tokyo-edition

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I always look forward to your essay. It never disappoints.

I'm only going to recommend a single Substack, a current favorite:


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