I deeply relate to the overwhelming feeling of attempting to prioritize in the modern world. There is (and always be) too much. I've come to be ok with this.

Oliver Burkman's talk "Time Management for Mortals" series on Waking Up has helped me reframe what it means for me to be productive. I've (mostly) embraced released the need to control all aspects of my life, while still actively engaging hyperplanning and theorizing, for the very real benefits they can bring. It is definitely a paradox. I highly recommend his talks as he presents a much fuller perspective than I can convey here. I've heard his book is very good as well but haven't gotten around to it...yet

Thanks for writing. I always look forward to reading.

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Mar 9, 2023Liked by Nix πŸ•Š

Omgggg I started taking magnesium this week too and the dreams πŸ™ˆ thank you again for yet another beautiful and insightful essay. It was much needed πŸ’›

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Mar 16, 2023Β·edited Mar 16, 2023

"I’m glad that things change and what’s important to us changes too." this just shifted something in me ...... to embrace change and see it as something beautiful, instead of seeing it with grief over past versions of you that you lost... thank you.

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